color guide

Click on the following links to view the factory color guides for the glazes I use.  Keep in mind that these examples are made on white tile, and I use quarry tile (terracotta color), so some of the lighter colored, semiopaque glazes will be slightly darker than they appear on these guides. 

Duncan Glazes 

Please click on the links below to go directly to the factory color guides for each type of Duncan glaze.

Crystal glazes   These are very popular, crazy glazes.  They have little rocks in them that explode during the firing process and create unique, random designs.

Solid colors  These come in either "opaque" or "semiopaque."  Look for a little design that looks like a vase and a bowl on the samples - that distinguishes them as semiopaque.  The semiopaque are a little bit translucent.  I mix and match them freely with the opaque glazes.