commissioned works

This mural was custom-made for a wall above a bath tub.  The wife wanted me to include pink flowers to go with her pink sink, and the husband wanted a sea turtle on the beach.  They gave me an idea of how they envisioned the scene and I drew them a design.  I painted the border tiles with a color that they picked from the mural.  This photo does not do the mural justice.  I will post another one as soon as I get one from the clients.

mural location: Leucadia, California (City of Encinitas)



This photo is a little blurry, but you can see at least that it is a fish scene that borders a fireplace.  This client wanted a very simple, not too much detail, aquatic scene with a limited amount of specific colors to match her walls. 

This is a close-up image of the fish on the fireplace.  The blades of the kelp are painted with a crystaltone glaze- Monterey Jade- and the background (water) color is Bluegrass.  

mural location: San Clemente, California