Roz Light Meiche  (760) 753-0048


Banner Art 2007, Downtown Encinitas

Dedicated to my mother whose friendship and love I miss with all of my heart

“Breastfeeding is Meant to Be”

Roz was raised in Encinitas and lives in Leucadia with her two children and her husband. "My mother was an ardent supporter of breastfeeding. She practiced extended breastfeeding with me, and was a La Leche League leader. It wasn't until I was also a nursing mother that I realized how intimidating it can be to nurse in public. The public is inundated with images of bottle feeding but not breastfeeding, which in turn informs our culture as to what is acceptable and comfortable. I am astounded and disheartened by the controversy that surrounds such a precious, natural and ancient practice. In an effort to counter the prevailing image of bottlefeeding, and to provide a positive image of public breastfeeding, I created my banner to encourage women to breastfeed and to feel comfortable doing so in public. I made this banner in honor of my mother, Rob-Ann Light, who died suddenly while I was pregnant with my third child."

Size: 50" x 18"