in the garden buterflies, flowers, dragonflies, cala lilies, birds, insects, frogs, carnivorous plants, beetles, chrysalids, morning glory vines, columbine, kahili ginger, ladybugs, black kitty cat, humming birds
from the sea  orca pods, koi, sea horses and much more to come.  Envision dolphins, grey whales, humpback whales, sea turtles, star fish, anemones, humuhumunukunukua'Pua'A 
yoga postures soorya Namaskar, ardha Chandrasana with pada hastasana, locust posture for pregnancy, and many more to come
head shots send me a photo of your loved one, human or animal and I will transfer it onto a tile for you.  my favorite request was when a new daddy wanted a tile of his wife nursing their new baby - love him!
frida kahlo the beloved frida kahlo appears in much of my work.  I have kept all of the pieces depicting her to date, but would be honored to custom create a piece just for you
ibiza  a private collection piece that was one of my original murals.  one day i hope to do a huge mural of ibizatown
birth announcements send me the name, date, weight and length of the baby and I will create a tile with the motif of your choice
commissioned works these are pieces that have been custom-made and installed in homes

public art leucadia oaks park on vulcan avenue in the city of encinitas is the home to one of my public art projects

mosaic sometimes pieces break in the kiln ~ those items become mosaic, and are still beautiful!

woody i was asked to create a tile for the Wavecrest woody show which inspired this piece