I made this mural on 1' x 1' tiles after my third trip to the ancient island of Ibiza.  Location: a mosaic of my favorite places, my imaginary home: located in Cala Benirras where we witness spectacular sunsets, but the rock has morphed into the sacred Es Vedra.  It's hard to see the details in this image, but if you look closely you can see Michael's cats lounging in the heat on the tile steps of the traditional Ibicenco-style house.  It's an adaptation of the house Barry and Mercedez were living in, with Marja's rose garden growing in the red Ibicencan earth out front.  Parrots have escaped from the San Juan farm we visited where the owners grew sunflowers and grapes as a treat for their collection of exotic birds.  Moored fishing boats rock in the shallows, while a sailboat floats at sea.  It's sunny and it's raining and it is misty and magical and the water is translucent.  Watch out for sea urchins while pursuing your skinny dip.  The fronds of Canary Island date palms sway in the sea breezes, almond groves burst with bright white blossoms on the hills, wildflowers and rainbows abound - it's truly a place to touch heaven.

private collection